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Trivia returns January 23rd! 

Where: Ha'Penny in downtown Boise

When: Wednesday Nights @ 7:00 p.m.

Details: Questions galore return, and it's always more fun than playing trivial pursuit with your grandparents.

$2 per player, with the cash going to a single pot for the winning team (around $75-100/night).

  All players MUST be 21+

Trivia @ Ha'Penny

More Info

More Info

Gameday Trivia returns Wednesday nights starting on January 23rd at Ha'Penny Bridge Irish Pub (downtown Boise in BODO).

Trivia each week is $2, with the nightly pot being winner take all. 50 participants? That's a $100 pot for the night.
If you register via the website (using this registration link), you'll receive one question the night of trivia and we'll keep you in the know!

How Trivia Works:
- $2 per player (due at Trivia each night, cash only)
- 4 rounds of questions (about 2 hours, including breaks)
- No limit on team size (individual teams or large groups welcome)

1.23, 1.30, 2.6, 2.13, 2.20, 2.27, 3.6, 3.13, 3.27, 4.3, 4.10

7:00 PM

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